Saturday, October 18, 2014

10,000 Page View Anniversary for our Naert and DuBois, LLC Blog!

Hilton Head timeshare fraud and mayoral corruption have proven to be extremely hot topics and key subjects in the success of our small law firm's blog on legal topics and local items of interest.  As our page views sit at 9,999 at this very moment, I thought I would take a few minutes to summarize some of the notable page view numbers associated with our blog that launched just a bit over a year ago on July 24, 2013.

Our most recent blog post here analyzing whether two (2) mystery companies, Ephesian Ventures, LLC and HHI Investment Company, LLC are shells for timeshare developers; linking HHI Investment Company, LLC to a local timeshare developer; and linking the Town's recent attempted sale of some tennis courts valued at $675,000.00 to HHI Investment Company, LLC for $15,000.00 while the mayor represents and/or represented a local timeshare company, which curiously has the same post office box address as HHI Investment Company, LLC, as a private attorney and has been friends with the local timeshare company's founder for more than twenty-five (25) years, has received 120 views in the last three (3) days.

Political corruption reportedly runs rampant in the state of South Carolina, with incessant reports of corruption in the Governor's office, our courts, and our local government at seemingly all levels, and Hilton Head Island appears to be no exception.  Hilton Head also has the shameful reputation of being a hot spot for rampant and egregious timeshare fraud, thousands of complaints of the same of timeshare sales fraud being publicly available from government entities by FOIA request and on websites like, and other similar complaint websites.

Strikingly, by far and away our most popular blog post to date is Cancel Your Timeshare Contract in South Carolina with 934 page views.  It is followed by How to Get Our of a Timeshare in South Carolina with 567 page views and then Joe for Mayor of Hilton Head? Responsible Tourism In and For Our Communities: Timeshares, Resorts, and Beyond with 500 page views.

In the last two (2) years, I have heard and read thousands of complaints of timeshare fraud on Hilton Head Island, and nearly very day I hear and read more of the exact same.  Folks regularly ask me how I could possibly know exactly what happened to them, how they were defrauded on Hilton Head Island, after they read my blog posts.  And I have to sadly inform them that it is no mystery.  That this is not just the first, tenth, one hundredth, or one thousandth time I have heard or read this same story.  But that their story of timeshare fraud on Hilton Head Island is one with which I am intimately familiar.

The next question is inevitable:  why are these timeshare companies allowed to continue to operate on our lovely Island?  And the short answer is that our Mayor represents certain timeshare factions as a private attorney and refuses to take any action as Mayor to do what is right, to protect Hilton Head Island's reputation, and to protect the vacationers that we so dearly depend upon to sustain our economy.  But the mayor election is fast approaching.

Here is an unscientific poll for the upcoming Hilton Head Island mayoral election on November 4, 2014, with Joe DuBois, my law partner, closely following the current Mayor running for re-election after his first and, hopefully, last four (4) year term.  Let your voice be heard and vote for Joe on the internet poll and, more importantly, vote for Joe on November 4, 2014!  More information about Joe DuBois' campaign for Mayor of Hilton Head Island can be found on his campaign website at

Zach Naert