Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ephesian Ventures, LLC and HHI Investment Company, LLC: Mystery Timeshare Developers?

Ephesian Ventures, LLC and homeowners at Edgewater on Broad Creek on Hilton Head Island have been embroiled in a lawsuit relating to property bought up by Ephesian Ventures, LLC from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding on May 9, 2007, the purchase price being:  $9,000,000.00.  In case you get lost in the zeros, that's nine million dollars.  I previously wrote on this subject here:  Ephesian Ventures, LLC to Build Timeshares at Edgwater on Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island?

This matter of public interest was also written about by the Island Packet, Hilton Head Island's esteemed newspaper, here: Ephesian Ventures, LLC and Edgewater by Broad Creek and here: Edgewater Eyesore.  Following a mayoral debate on the evening of October 15, 2014, the Island Packet wrote about another mystery taking shape on Hilton Head Island here:  Town of Hilton Head to Sell $675,000.00 Tennis Courts for $15,000.00.  The subject was brought to light in another recent Island Packet article here:  Tennis Court Asking Price Too Low?

During the mayoral debate, I believe all four (4) of the candidates vying to dethrone Drew Laughlin from his mayoral service of Hilton Head Islanders disagreed with the sale of the tennis courts.  Some boldly questioned why in the world this deal was contemplated and why a tennis court valued at $675,000.00 and purchased for $250,000.00 recently in 2002 was now on its way to be sold for $15,000.00.  For those lost in zeros again, that is six hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and fifteen thousand dollars.

The tennis courts were proposed to be sold for $15,000.00 to the homeowners associations of The Hedges, Cordillo Courts II, and/or the Sea Cabin Racquet Club.  Curiously, the Beaufort County Register of Deeds office shows that one mystery company, HHI Investment Company, LLC, has very recently and heavily invested in purchasing units at the Sea Cabin Racquet Club, and I count at least fifty (50) since January of 2014. The South Carolina Secretary of State's Office online website shows Sean Keefer as the registered agent, a Charleston attorney at 1643B Savannah Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29407.  No help there in discovering the identity of the investor.

However, Hilton Head Realtor Mike Powers has represented HHI Investment Company, LLC on the board of the homeowners association resulting from the recent influx of Sea Cabin purchases by the company.  And Mike Powers has a few testimonials endorsing him on his website and at least a couple from known affiliates of a particular Hilton Head Island timeshare company.  When I pulled a copy of one of the transfer deeds from the Beaufort County Register of Deed's Office, it shows that HHI Investment Company, LLC has a local post office box numbered 5686 on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Now we are getting somewhere.

That post office box number sure sounded familiar to me, so I did a Google search, and you'll never believe what I discovered!  Then do a Google search for the Mayor of Hilton Head's affiliation with timeshare companies.  Did I mention that although HHI Investment Company, LLC owns almost exclusively Sea Cabin units on Hilton Head, it happens to also own a unit at Edgewater on Broad Creek?  Mystery upon mystery.

Zach Naert

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