Monday, November 17, 2014

B. Dean Pierce, Coral Resorts, and Cordillo Tennis Courts

Coral Resorts is a timeshare company on Hilton Head Island with four (4) locations:  Island Links, Coral Reef, Port O'Call, and Coral Sands (  B. Dean Pierce is the CEO and General Counsel of Coral Resorts and Reba Management, a property management company for Coral Resorts (  B. Dean Pierce informed Mayor Drew Laughlin in an e-mail dated May 28, 2014, that B. Dean Pierce is also President of the Homeowners Association Boards for Island Links and Coral Sands, two (2) of Coral Resorts' four (4) locations (e-mail obtained by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to the Town of Hilton Head Island).

Until now, HHI Investment Company, LLC was a mystery company that I discussed in a recent blog here: HHI Investment Company, LLC: Mystery Timeshare Developer?  B. Dean Pierce swore on September 16, 2014, that he was the current owner of two Cordillo properties, 104 Cordillo Parkway Units J-7 and C-5.  As owner, B. Dean Pierce authorizes David Cook to act as B. Dean Pierce's agent for the purpose of a work application, and David Cook submits Certifications listing the owner as "HHI Investment Co." and "HHI Investments Co." (documents obtained by FOIA Request to the Town of Hilton Head Island.)

The Beaufort County Register of Deed's Office shows that HHI Investment Company, LLC owns those same two (2) units at 104 Cordillo Parkway, Units J-7 and C-5.  The Register of Deeds Office also shows that HHI Investment Company, LLC has purchased approximately fifty (50) units under the same Horizontal Property Regime, the Sea Cabin Racquet Club. (

The total number of investors in HHI Investment Company, LLC and their identities are generally unknown to the public.  B. Dean Pierce, as mentioned hereinabove, is the CEO and General Counsel of Coral Resorts.  HHI Investment Company, LLC uses Post Office Box 5686 on the Deed to Unit J-7, and a Google search for Post Office Box 5686 on Hilton Head reveals that the same is used by Coral Resorts for some or all of its four (4) resorts, Coral Sands, Coral Reef, Island Links, and Port O'Call.

Recently, as discussed by the Island Packet here:, the Town of Hilton Head nearly sold to the homeowners associations the Cordillo tennis courts for $15,000.00.